Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2 Assignment: Chapter One

Hi Team 15,
The first chapter in any book is very important.  The first chapter generally introduces you to the story setting, problem and main characters. That's what happens in chapter one of Out of the Deep.

Tonight's Job: Read chapter one. read this post and respond to this question in the comments section:  Describe Jack, Ashley and Bindy.  Write about their age, physical characteristics (what they look like) and personalities.  Bonus:  Draw a picture of one or more of the main characters.  I'll scan your pictures into this blog.  Email me if you have further questions.  Thank you!
Problem: Whales beaching at Acadia

Main Characters: Steven and Olivia Landon (parents, mom is a wildlife veterinarian), Jack and Ashley Landon (brother and sister), and Bindy Callister (foster child).

Setting: Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine
Pier at Bar Harbor, Maine

This is a picture of what a small street in Bar Harbor, Maine looks like.  It is a small town where it easy to walk around, shop, eat and play.  It is located on the edge of the ocean.  It is a very pretty place.


  1. Bindy is annoying, loud, rude, bossy and likes to eat.
    Ashley is 11 and does not believe anybody, but herself.
    Jack is a head taller than Ashley.

    - Jaden

  2. Chapter one is about how this family gets a phone call that two more ______________ ( blank ) died. During this phone call one of the kids, Bindy, talks loudly and stuffs popcorn into her mouth. Jack and Ashley think she is annoying and rude. Bindy talks so loud that the mother has to send all the kids out of the room.

    1. Jack is a head taller than Ashley
    2. Ashley is 11


  3. Bindy, a foster child is loud rude and she stuffs popcorn in her mouth. That shows Bindy likes to eat. Ashley is eleven years old and is a head shorter than her brother, Jack.


  4. Great job commenting, Aarushi, Dravin and Jaden

  5. Bindy likes to eat, is rude, loud, and she was is TV shows. Ashley is shorter than Jack. Jack is Ashley's brother, and he dosn't like Bindy

  6. Sorry! I forgot to put my name! >.<


  7. Great job, Haeun. I wonder how old Jack is? Did anyone find that detail. Also, how would you describe Steve Landon (dad) and Olivia Landon (mom)? Great job so far Team 15!

  8. I know that this book is going to be good read. I can't wait to see what happens in then end.

  9. Hi Elissa, What did you think about the characters? Specifically how would you describe Bindy, Ashley and Jack?

  10. Ashley is eleven and a head shorter than Jack and she loves the movie Melissa's Dream. Bindy is loud, rude, annoying and likes to eat. She is also a foster child who was a movie star. Jack is Ashley's brother, he doesn't like Bindy, he is taller than Ashley and is more serious than both Bindy and Ashley.

  11. Great job responding, Aidan. I agree. It seems like Ashley is the most serious. How would you describe Jack? I'm wondering what the best words are to describe his personality and I'm still wondering how old he is. Does anyone know?

  12. I didn't like it because it was confusing but bindy I like because she is funny. But why do you have to cut the head off so it can cool off. can we read Diar of a wimpy kid the blue book.

  13. Jack and Annie mom is a animal doctor. Then when she gets a phone call from acadia national park, she found out more and more animals are washing upon the shore. Jack, Annie and Bindy where really excited when Jack and Annie mom said they can go.

    Annie shorter then Jack, and she likes the movie " Melissa's Dream". Bindy is annoying and likes to eat a lot plus Jack does not like BIndy.

  14. Jack and Ashley's mom is an animal vet they have one foster kid named Bindy she has brown hair, loves food, and is really rude. Ashley is 11 years old and is about a head shorter than Jack.

  15. jack and ashelys mom is a vet. jack is older than ashely, and bindy loves food is rude but funny. jack and ashelys dads name is steve.

  16. Jack is a head taller than Ashley. Jack wants to save the animals but Bindy is just fat and always eats and acts rudely. Ashle is 11 and also wants to save the animals.

  17. Jack is a head taller than Ashley. Ashley is Eleven And Bindy is annoying and rude


  18. Sorry. I forgot to say Kevin. A y was missing in Ashle

  19. Jack and Ashley are brother and sister. Their mother's name is Olivia and there dad's name is Steven.
    Bindy is a foster kid. She eats a lot.


  20. I think Ashely is O.K , but Jack is nice and taller than Ashely. Jack and Ashely's mom helps animals.

  21. Ashley is shorter than Jack. Jack is Ashley's brother, and Jack dose not like Bindy.

  22. Ashely is O.K, and Jack is their brother. He is taller than Ashely. Their mom is an animal rescuer. There dad, Steve, is photographer.

  23. Jack is a head taller then his sister Ashly. Ashly is obsessed with the movie"Mellisas dream" that her friend Bindy stared in. Bindy is a girl that eats a lot, stars in movies and shows.

  24. Ashley is like a regular person, Jack likes to give Bindy some space, butBindy is like loud, noisy and rude. Shawn

  25. Bindy is a chubby foster kid who got rejected from her family and she eats a lot of food.
    Jack is the boy in the family who has a younger sister named Ashley.
    Jack is a head taller that Ashley. Jack is the middle aged one in the family.
    Jack and Ashley have a mother who is a vet.

  26. Three days before the start of the book the Landon family temporally adopted the used-to-be movie star called Bindy. Bindy is a 14 year old girl with short and mousy brown hair who is sometimes rude and disrespectful to her adopted family.Ashley Landon is a girl who likes the movie Melissa's dream in which Bindy acted as Amanda before she was adopted by her aunt Marian. Ashley is a head shorter then her brother Jack who thinks that Bindy is a rude and annoying girl, maybe partly because Bindy ate so much when she came to their house. Also Jack is the only one of the three children who knows about Bindy and her football-star cousin Cole.-Yana

  27. Bindy is annoying and bossy. I think that Bindy is bossy because she used to be a movie star. Jack thinks Bindy is a nuisance. He is a whole head taller than Ashely. Ashley admires Bindy because Bindy was in her favorite movie "Melissa's Dream". Angela


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