Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3 Homework Assignment

1. Read chapter two.
2. Write three questions you have about the story after reading the chapter.


  1. Do steve and Olivia beleive Bindy?

    Do the kids belive Bindy?

    Does Bindy care for the animals?

    _ marcos

  2. Great questions, Marcos. Thanks for being the first to respond. I especially like your third question and wonder why you came up with it? What was your thinking behind it. - Ms. Devlin

  3. Is Bindy fat?

    Why does her mom and dad don't want her?

    Why does Bindy lie?


  4. Why wasn't Bindy famous after she starred in Melissa's Dream?

    Why did Bindy hate her cousin Cole?

    Why did Bindy disappear?


  5. Hi Kya, In chapter two, tonight's reading assignment, Bindy describes what happened to her parents. Jack says she's a liar, so I'm not sure if she's telling the truth or not. Bindy is big for her age and seems to have an issue with food--she wants to keep eating. I wonder why that's true. What do you think? I don't know why Bindy lies, what do you think?

    Aarushi, those are good questions. I'm wondering about those questions too. I wonder what questions the other students will ask.

  6. Where did bindy go?

    Why did bindy lie?

    Why did bindy go?


  7. Why did Bindy go?
    Where did Bindy go?
    Why does Bindy eat nonstop?

  8. Sorry, I forgot my name!


  9. I wonder where Bindy went and why she left too.

  10. Why doesn't Jack believe Bindy?

    Why does Bindy hate her cousin Cole?

    Why did Bindy leave?

    - Tamira

  11. Who is the man on the pier?

    where did Bindy go?

    Why did Bindy run away?


  12. Why does Bindy hate Cole?

    Why does the book not tell Jacks age?

    Why did Bindy run out of the hotel?

  13. Why can't they find Bindy?

    How is that old man?

    Why didn't Bindy want to stay with her Aunt?


  14. Great questions, Laura. I think it's interesting that you and others are asking about "that man." This shows that you are reading this book like a good detective and that you're understanding how one reads a mystery--always looking for clues and wondering about the introduction of new characters and settings. Great job!

  15. Is Bindy telling the truth.

    Why would Bindy go in the no passing zone.

    Why did Bindy and Cole be mean to each other.

  16. sorry that was Artur

  17. 1. What did Bindy lie about? What were the parents talking about at the start of Chapter 2?

    2. Where did Bindy go at night? Or did something happen to her?

    3. Was the man on the pier the same man from the preface before Chapter 1? When the man said, "And Jack-it'd be smart if you did the same," (14), was he threatening Jack?

    -Mr. Dunlea

  18. Who is the creepy guy at the end of the pier?

    Did Bindy get kidnapped?

    Will they find Bindy?

  19. why did bindy leave?
    where did bindy go?
    why was there a no trespassing sign on the pier?


  20. who was the guy smoking the cigarette at the end of the pier?
    did bindy get taken by that man?


  21. Does Steve and Olivia believe Bindy?
    Where did Bindy go?
    Why does Bindy and Cole dislike each other?

    - Dravin

  22. Who is the weirdo?
    Where did Bindy go?
    What happened to Cole?

  23. Terrific questions, team 15. I like the way Mr. Dunlea connected two parts of the story--the preface and the later details about the man in the pier. I also like the way Mr. Dunlea used quotes in his questions. I wonder if others will try this in future comments.

  24. Hi Ms. Devlin I am answering Kya's question. Yes Bindy is fat because in the book it said " I hated Cole on sight, and he hated me, too. So…I ate. And the more I ate, the more upset Aunt Marian got. Twice she dragged me back to Hollywood to get me into another movie, but the casting director took one look at me and said no film needed a prepubescent girl with weight issues." Hope this answers your question. ~ TAMIRA

    Hi Tamira, I just read your awesome post! I love the way you answered Kya's question with a specific quote from the text. Now the question is why is Bindy eating so much, what's causing this? Thanks for your fine work.

  25. Why did bindy run away?

    Why did her and cole have a bad relationship?

    who was the man on the pier?

  26. sorry that was Nich


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